Does bigger ordering fabric width give better fabric consumption?

It looks like it is a known fact that “higher the width of fabric better will give better fabric consumption” but is it really the case?

This will be a discussion post. I just heard a merchandiser quoting that “fabric sourcing must probably order bigger width to save consumption”. It looks like it is a known fact that “higher the fabric ordering width better will be the fabric consumption” but is it really the case?

Width of the marker depends on:

  1. The size ratio grouped in the marker
  2. The size of pattern based on measurement specs and the shrinkage.

Now, Bigger ordering fabric width might not give you a good cost saving if the marker is made for small patterns. Because you cannot fit a third panel even if the width is 5 cms more. So in this case smaller width would have given us the same result as the bigger width but we would have paid more price for getting the fabric in bigger width. Now the question is:

What should be the right fabric width to be ordered?

Go by the word of the pattern(CAD) department. While suggesting the ordering Consumption (Ordering CU) the pattern department should also suggest the right fabric ordering width and the shrinkage to be ordered and the fabric sourcing should strictly adhere to their instructions for the width.

Even one cm of fabric is important so always use cm for widths measurement unit unlike fabric mills who like to use inches as measurement unit.

From here, the fabric consumption will entirely dependent on the fabric cut order plan. Read this post for understanding how to make a fabric saving cut order plan.

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