How to improve efficiency of a sewing line ?

Efficiency improvement of a sewing line is a probably the most important performance indicator of apparel operations but it is also one of the trickiest. The reason for that is that all the factors that affect increase in efficiency are interrelated.

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How to calculate Weighted average SAM or weighted average SMV ?

Whenever there is a need to find the average SAM, It becomes quite clear that simple average doesn’t give us the right picture. This is because simple average divides the SAM equally between all the styles. This division is wrong because there will be some styles with bigger order Quantity and some styles with lesser order quantity and the effect of order quantity will not be reflected in the averaged SAM. Therefore we need to calculate weighted average SAM whenever there is need to find average. Continue reading “How to calculate Weighted average SAM or weighted average SMV ?”

Difference Between Standard & Standardised work ?

The question “Difference Between Standard & Standardised work?” has been a confusion for quite a few people and I have seen people particularly pressing on the point that “Do not confuse Standard work with Standardised work”. I googled the difference and what I could understand from many blog posts was that Standard work means the work will not change whereas Standardized work means there is a scope of improvement. Continue reading “Difference Between Standard & Standardised work ?”

Industrial Engineering Calculations in garment production factory

Industrial engineering calculations in garment production factory is the most powerful waste quantifying and reduction tool.

These calculations are important because without setting up a target it is highly unlikely that you will be able to achieve what is expected. Once the target is set and we know what is expected we can take steps to achieve the target production. It gives industrial engineers clear picture about the performance of sewing operators, supervisors and the sewing line. The things that an industrial engineer needs to calculate are: capacity, efficiency, performance and utilization. Continue reading “Industrial Engineering Calculations in garment production factory”