What are Endbits remnants in cutting of apparels ?

Leftover fabric from a roll which can’t be spread in a lay because of lay length being more than the leftover fabric is called an endbit or a remnant.

For example in a lay of 5 meters if you are trying to spread a roll of 103 meters. you would be able to lay 20 plies of 5 meters and 3 meters will be the endbit or remnant.

Are endbits or remnants wasted ?

Not all Endbits are wasted as they can either be used in next smaller lays or for recutting .

Should Endbits be saved for recutting or not ?

It is a know fact that there are going to be defectives found in cut parts at later stages of production and to recut them Endbits are required. But the big question is How much endbits you should save for recutting such that neither do you have leftover endbits and nor you are short of fabric for recutting.

Endbits can be minimized with roll allocation softwares. Are they really helpful in reducing Endbits or not? We will leave that for some other day but even if they are should you even attempt to save endbits ?

Ideally 4 point inspection and cut panel inspections in first lay gives an idea about how much recutting is happening in an order and decision to save endbits should be taken keeping the same in mind.

If endbits are more than required for recutting then they can be utilized in either smaller lays or to cut extra garments.

How can endbits be Utilized ?

  1. For recutting defective panels
  2. For cutting smaller lays
  3. For cutting extra garments to increase the cut %.

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