What is a fabric cut order plan and how it is made ?

Guide to the art of making a fabric saving cut plan !

An effective fabric cut order plan can be made by following these tested techniques . The Information needed for  cut order planning is:
1. No of garments to cut (order quantity).
2. Cut pieces to be in what size ratio, Like S:M:L:XL = 1:2:2:1 Continue reading “What is a fabric cut order plan and how it is made ?”

Cutting process in garment industry

Cutting process in garment industry can be tricky and many people are perplexed on how this magical feat of matching every check/stripe is achieved by the factories. Here is the step by step, brief explanation on Cutting process in garment industry and the Cutting Process Flowchart at the end of the article.
1. Spreading or laying
To cut many garments simultaneously, fabric is spread in layers one over  the on a long table. This process in called spreading or laying.
             Plies – Fabric is spread in layers one above the other and every Continue reading “Cutting process in garment industry”

Woven Fabric Parameters that affect Garment Production

Fabric parameters that affect garment production industrially.

If we have to make a list of things “everyone working in garment industry must definitely know” the first point will always be ” FABRIC – The Raw material”.
Textile in itself is a very vast field but in this article we are only going to talk about fabric parameters that affect apparel production industrially like Type of fabric , CSV Grades, Repeat Variation , Shrinkage,Grain line etc. This article will form the base for upcoming articles where we will be talking about markers ,cut plans ,cutting etc. Continue reading “Woven Fabric Parameters that affect Garment Production”